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PiRho Supplies-Your Industrial Part Supplier

Grainger UK, EU and Middle East Reseller:

There you are sitting and thinking how to find an industrial part and get a quick delivery of it. No need to worry now as we at PiRho Supplies work tirelessly to provide you a huge variety of industrial parts at your door step. We supply Grainger MRO products to customers in the UK, all EU countries and Middle Eastern countries. Just order it and leave the rest to us.

We deal in all the known Grainger brands like Air Handler, Tough guy, Dayton and Grainger Choice Products etc.

Buy From Us:

You can visit us on and submit your Request For Quotation (RFQs) to us and we will provide you the quotation. If that doesn’t seems good you can Call us and tell us the part number or the type of part you are interested in and our team will connect with you to understand your need.

PiRho Supplies Your Industrial Part Consultant:

If you are no expert and need consultation, PiRho Supplies is here for you just send us an RFQ with description “Contact Me” and our team will connect with you to give you the best advice that will help you in your issue.

Payment and Shipping:

Customers can send an RFQ and pay via credit card or Paypal.

PiRho Supplies ships Grainger products to Europe and Middle Eastern Countries. Therefore our customers get seamless delivery.

So why wait and struggle! Send us your query and let professionals deal with the problem. Come visit us today on .

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